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Geo Photo - A Virtual Photo Album

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See your pictures 'lightning fast' and easy.
No need for Internet, while running the Geo Photo app.
You will be able to document your life via pictures and notes.


Start ( 1. ) Country ( 2. ) Area map ( 3. ) Picture
Atlas. Start here 1. click: Country/ State 2. click: Area map 3. click: Picture
... that's all
No searching necessary.

No folders or drop-down lists by selection of picture or picture series.

Pictures to be shown

This version is for Jpeg format.
Probably the world fastest way to see your pictures
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Click 1 Top of page ( Start ) State/ country is selected from background map.
Atlas and pointing to France
Click 2 Top of page ( 1. click ) France selected from background map.
France map and pointing toward Paris
Click 3 Top of page ( 2. click ) The area map selected from country map.
City map of Paris
Area maps can be copies or downloads from the Internet (allowed for private use. If necessary exchange with others).
Top of page ( 3. click ) In this way it will take, normally, just a few seconds to find the wished picture.
Paris by night